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Teveye sings to G-d:

“Lord who made the lion and the lamb,
You decreed I should be what I am.
Would it spoil some vast eternal plan?
If I were a wealthy man.”

“If I Were A Rich Man” from the movie “Fiddler on the Roof”

Lyrics by  Sheldon Harnick

I thought about that verse last night before dreams took me over.  And I thought…is there a reason?

Yes, I think there is.  I think that the reason is that poverty teaches us some things that perhaps are better learned than the lessons of wealth.  But why we all don’t begin as equals, that is a better question.  Ok…my thoughts on the lessons of poverty:

I think poverty teaches humanity and humility.  These lessons in turn teach us to not dwell upon our own misfortunes, but to help other people who are in the same position or shape we are in.  Through this we learn to live as a community and a shared closeness to most of the rest of the world.  The question is, why doesn’t this lead to peace and tranquility in the world?  That I don’t understand, though I do logically think it’s because rich men send us to fight one another…the rich will survive and the poor will die off.  Is this G-d’s plan?  I don’t think so.  I think that it’s our free will that drives this force of greed and show of power.

I think that poverty teaches creativity.  Poor people cannot afford to go to the movies, cannot afford the latest electronic gadgets, and cannot afford to go out to concerts.  Poor people tend to dabble in crafts such as knitting and crocheting, baking, quilting, sewing, the crafts of survival.  The rich stereotypically dabble in hedonistic and self-centered pursuits.  Although, the rich are often times philanthropic and are creative in important ways to technology and quality of life.

Of course, poverty in the extreme can lead to lessons in crime, hatred, bigotry, and many, many other negative responses.  I do not deny that.  Would I choose to be poor?  No way!  I do not think anyone would.  I think the important thing for anyone in any financial caste is to not forgot that people need to help people.

What brought me to these thoughts…I have a dear friend whom I have known for over 10 years, although have never met in real life, only in cyberspace and over the land phone.  We met in an online game called Asheron’s Call where I was head of a guild and she helped me out when I lost all of my belongings in the game, and she helped me regain my body.  Her generosity moved me to invite her into our guild, and I have never been sorry.  Anyhow, things have gotten very bad for Annabelle (her online name), health wise and financially.  She lives in the State of Florida and although her husband works a full-time job, travels over an hour each way to work on the bus as they can’t afford a car, and through his employment, they do have minimal health insurance, help is lacking.  Annabelle is a Type 1 diabetic and has been since childhood.  Her insulin alone costs her an arm and a leg, and she has other health problems that don’t help. She is overweight because she is wheelchair bound and cannot stand as she needs knee replacements. Her insurance won’t cover it.

She eats ¼ of a sandwich for breakfast and ¼ of a sandwich for lunch. Not very much, I agree.  I call her everyday just to make sure she is alive.  But what can I do…I’m at least 12 hours from her as I live in New York State.  Her husband also calls her periodically through the day, often having to leave work early because she has blacked out.  She is having bleeding problems as well.  But does Annabelle dwell on this, no!  Instead, she spends what little money she has to buy yarn to make gifts for her family and friends for Christmas and their birthdays.  She can’t afford to play online any longer, and needs new glasses, but cannot afford them, so she can’t read.  Finally, her husband saved enough money to buy her a Kindle and downloads books for her on that.

Annabelle and her husband were without a TV until recently when their son gave them his old one.  And what did she give him for his recent birthday, a birthday dinner consisting of a hamburger pie and a home-baked cake that her husband made with her help.  This is not what most parents want to give to their children for a birthday celebration.  But, her kids are used to it.

I wish I could help Annabelle out, but I’m not in much better shape than she is financially.  So, I’m asking you, my readers, for suggestions.  She could use insulin and other diabetic supplies, new glasses, a wide wheelchair accessible van, health care, knee operation, yarn, Kindle books, and we’re not even discussing clothes!  And if anyone is feeling really helpful, a new computer would really help them!  Well, enough of this, I didn’t mean to put this burden on your shoulders, but for over a year, I’ve wanted to tell the world about Annabelle and find out if anyone could help me help her.

Thank you for listening!

If you wish to help Annabelle, please send email to: with subject title as Annabelle.  Thank you!



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