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While looking up a word on The Free Dictionary, I came across this quote by Beatrix Potter, author and illustrator of  The Tale of Peter Rabbit, published in 1902:

“Thank goodness…I was never sent to school…it would have rubbed off some of the originality.”

~Beatrix Potter (1866-1943)

I disagree this Ms. Potter.  I think school opens up the mind to creativity and new ideas.  School can inspire greatness in the fields music and art.  The catch here is it all depends upon the teachers.  Some, like my high school art teacher and creative writing teacher, can kill creativity by discouraging students who don’t show immediate talent as defined by the teacher.  Others, like my high school drama teacher and my social studies teacher, inspire all students, even those with no talent.  My history teacher especially inspired me not to settle for mediocrity and to aspire for being better than average.  These teachers who taught me in the ‘60s, had a great affect on me.  Jack Watkins, my drama teacher at Monroe High School, is the teacher who had the most positive affect on me.  He taught me to keep my head up high no matter what and he taught me to try.  Jack Watkins also taught me to go out of my comfort zone.  He also tried to teach me self-respect, a lesson I need to re-learn.  Mr. Richard Matteson, my social studies teacher at Monroe High, taught me that being average was not good enough.  So, throughout my life I aspired not to be average and to be a unique individual.  Rena Krichbaum was another teacher who influenced me to be creative by teaching me never to give up. My thanks go out to them for being such great teachers.

Freida Schulz, my sixth grade teacher gave me the love of learning.  She was an amazing lady and I thank her from the bottom of my heart!  Dr. Robert E. Ford my penology professor in college taught me that I wasn’t as dumb as I thought I was and that a person can learn easier through laughter.  He missed his true calling.  He should have been a comic.  But he was without doubt one of the best teachers I ever had.  Thank you, Dr. Ford!

In my search for information on this topic, I found that most people say that schools do stifle creativity.

In an article I read on the Net at Teachingexpertise, the author whose name is sadly not included in the article, states, “So is creativity possible in schools?  The first right answer is YES; the second right answer is NO.

It is theoretically possible, and it is even possible in practice, but only under certain conditions. In the present climate, in the system within which teachers operate, and with the kind of education teachers receive, it is most unlikely that true creativity will be seen at schools except as a concept referred to in government documents gathering dust on shelves and in (often meaningless) mission statements.”

The rest of the articles I read were totally pessimistic.  So, I guess I was wrong in thinking that schools are able to help develop creativity.   But, just think…if teachers were taught to be creative and were allowed the freedom to be creative, how far ahead our children would be!  But now I’m depressed, so I’m going to cut this article short and just post a back to school recipe that you can create along with daily messages of inspiration and encouragement to go along with food for the body in your child’s lunch bag.

Sandwich Art

This Looks LIke Fun!

Total Time Needed:

1 Hour

“Add a twist to the term “starving artist” by creating masterpieces with food coloring paint on a crusty canvas.”


  • Paper cups
  • Milk
  • Food coloring
  • New paintbrushes
  • White bread
  • Toaster


  1. Fill each paper cup with two tbsp. of milk. Add a few drops of food coloring to each cup.
  2. Paint pictures and designs on the bread using the colored milk and new paintbrushes.
  3. Toast lightly and use the slices to make crazy sandwiches.

The above recipe was found at Disney’s Family Fun website.  I see no idea why your child can’t do the artwork himself/herself.

Add some colorful fresh veggies and a dip, a favorite snack and a piece of fruit to round out the lunch.  Always add some candy kisses so that your child will know that you love him/her.


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