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Me as a Demon Butterfly

So much to do, so little time to do it.  I’m going to sneak Halloween in here because it is my favorite holiday.  I love getting dressed up in costume and handing out treats to the little ghosts and goblins and witches and fairies.  I love to see their reaction when I come to the door.  In the past I’ve been a witch many times, I’ve been a mummy, and I’ve been Cleopatra too.  My favorite though was when I dressed as a bag of balloons!  For that I put on a huge see-through plastic bag and tied it on the bottom (with our neighbor Dale’s help when he still lived here).  That was quite a trick!  Then I filled it with colorful balloons and tied it at the top.  I wish I had a picture of me that way!  I don’t.  I also tried my hand at inviting all my neighbors in for an after Trick or Treat Party a few times, but finally gave up because no one came.  I’d prepared great snack foods and desserts of all kinds.  Had punch ready and decorated the inside as well as the outside of my home.  Oh well…guess everyone w as too tired to come.  I can understand that now as we have so many steps to go up and down every time the door bell rang.  If it was nice out we would sit on our outdoor chairs and enjoy the weather, but in Rochester, that does not happen often around this time of the year.

Anyhow, I decided that I would do some Halloween articles and perhaps a give-away or two.  I’m going to begin today by giving away an invitation I designed for you to fill in the blanks and mail to your friends while I’ll plan a party for you.  Look for the link at the bottom of this article.  I think that will be fun!  If I can’t have a real one, I’ll just have a virtual one…so hang out here for the next week or two for Halloween at A Tzimmes.

The White Lady is a must on anyone's Halloween guest list!

After the invitations go out, I think it is time to start thinking about decorations.  We’ll start with the inside of the house and then the outside.  I like to get a few store-bought blinking types of Halloween decorations to put around the living room.  I like to put my big witch out too.  But not everyone can afford these things, so I searched the internet and came up with some inexpensive decorations for you to make.

Since our invitation features a ghostly theme, we’ll carry the theme out in our decorations and refreshments.  So here is how to make Bobbing Ghosts:

Bobbing Ghosts[1]
Start with a piece of cheesecloth 2 yards long and 1 yard wide. Place a helium filled balloon (white is best) in the middle of the fabric and gather loosely around balloon. Draw a horrid mask on the cloth with a felt pen. You can put some ghosts in a box and when people open the box the ghosts will float up and scare everyone! Or, you can place them on string in front of an open window or a fan and watch them gently move in the breeze.

Glowing Ghosts[2]

glowing ghost is the perfect example of how simple and fun making Halloween decorations can be. Activate a mini glow stick, slip it inside a balloon, and blow up the balloon. Position the knot of the balloon at the top center and use a black marker to make a face. Use a thin or transparent white cloth to cover the balloon, cut a small hole in the cloth and push the knot through so you can tie a string to it and hang it from a tree, your door, or a lamppost in your front yard. Your glowing ghost will blow in the wind.

Spooky little guys aren't they!

Living Room Decoration[3]

Furniture covered in a messy fashion with white sheets makes any house look as if it was abandoned years ago. Add in some ghostly window treatments by hanging shredded gauze in the windows for curtains. Place a hidden fan near the gauze to create movement. You can also cut out ghost silhouettes to hang in the windows out of the gauze.

I would love to decorate my home like this!

Papier-Mache Decorations: Glowing Skull[4]

Bottom of Form

SOURCE:  Martha Stewart Living, October 2001

Make sure you have many of sculls lying around the house! Don't forget to have one in the powder-room!

Glowing Skull How-To
1. To create a scary skull, inflate a large balloon a day ahead of time or inflate and deflate it several times to make it malleable. Wrap masking tape around the balloon one-third of the way from the bottom to form the jaw line. Using wheat paste, attach two layers of white tissue paper roughly torn into 1- to 2-inch squares.

The Before Shot!

2. Pop and remove balloon when dry. Cut a hole from the base toward the rear of the form so that the skull tilts back slightly when displayed. Cut out the features, and use wheat paste to affix a sheet of tissue paper inside.

3. To light the skull, secure a battery-powered light to the display surface with a walnut-size piece of modeling clay, and lower the skull over the light.

Now just add some black bulbs and some black, orange or white candles around the rooms and if you can afford it, buy a couple of foam tombstones and a fog machine.  I’ve always wanted one of those!!!  I would love to see your pictures after you decorate your house.

Here is the link for the invitation!


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[2] http://iblue.hubpages.com/hub/Top-10-Halloween-Homemade-Decorations

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